Sheds In Hopkinton, MA

Reeds Ferry® has been crafting exceptional custom sheds for homeowners across New England, including Hopkinton, for over 60 years. We prioritize durable materials and construction techniques, offering greater value than typical sheds found in home improvement stores.

In Hopkinton, we build our storage sheds with 16-inch on-center studs and use thick, exterior-grade plywood to ensure enhanced stability and durability. Additionally, our structures are built with floor joists from pressure-treated lumber and roofs equipped with 30-year asphalt shingles. If you’re in Hopkinton and searching for “sheds near me,” Reeds Ferry is your premier choice.


Hopkinton, MA: A Perfect Home for Your Shed

In Hopkinton, MA, homeowners appreciate the functionality and aesthetics of Reeds Ferry Sheds, which are designed to complement the local architectural styles. With the region’s frigid winters, many residents find our sheds ideal for storing snow removal equipment and winter gear. Our buildings not only enhance property functionality but also seamlessly blend with the charming New England landscape prevalent throughout Hopkinton.


Available Storage Sheds in Hopkinton

In Hopkinton, when you explore sheds for sale to enhance your property, you’ll discover a variety of solutions tailored to your needs. Our selection includes:

  • Sheds: We offer a broad array of shed styles, from the classic New England Colonial to charming Victorian cottages. These structures are perfect for storing everything from patio furniture and sports equipment to holiday decorations, all protected from the elements. Our commitment to quality craftsmanship and materials ensures that whatever you choose will stand the test of time.
  • Specialty Buildings: Expand your living space without the complexities of home renovation. Our sheds in Hopkinton can be customized to function as home offices, creative studios or even cozy guest houses, providing you with flexible solutions right in your backyard.
  • Custom Structures: If our existing models don’t quite meet your needs, we’re ready to collaborate with you to create a custom shed that perfectly aligns with your vision. Our shed builders in Hopkinton work closely with you to ensure that every detail suits your requirements, from functionality to aesthetics.


Delivery and Installation in Hopkinton

In Hopkinton, our sheds are expertly prefabricated at our facilities and assembled directly on your property, minimizing disruption to your landscaping. The delivery and install processes are swift and efficient, typically completed in under four hours. Importantly for Hopkinton residents, while most small sheds in MA do not require permits, it’s advisable to check with local authorities to ensure compliance, particularly for larger structures. This ensures a smooth installation and adherence to local building codes.


Why You Should Choose Reeds Ferry Sheds

Choosing us as your shed company in Hopkinton means investing in quality. Our sheds come with a 30-year warranty, underscored by attractive 0% financing options. Visitors can explore our expansive 16-acre showroom to experience the quality first-hand. Our commitment to unparalleled craftsmanship and service extends beyond Hopkinton, serving nearby cities such as Acton, Burlington, Littleton, Wayland and more. Discover the answers to common questions asked by visiting our FAQ page.


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Driving Directions

From Hopkinton, start on Main St. and head toward I-495 N.

Merge onto I-495 N and follow it until you reach US-3 N toward Nashua, NH.

Continue on US-3 N into New Hampshire.

Exit at NH-3A/D.W. Highway towards Hudson.

From NH-3A S, continue straight and turn right onto Tracy Ln.

Make the first right after turning onto Tracy Ln.

Our showroom will be on your right.

Better Quality
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Reeds Ferry Sheds® offers a bigger selection.

Having more to choose from better assures you'll make the right choice. Reeds Ferry Sheds® has the biggest selection of sheds in New England. Visit our 16 acre showroom and see a large display of sheds and gazebos in every size, style and color.

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Awesome quality sheds and great customer service! I recently bought a Reeds Ferry shed and have been extremely happy with it. If I ever need a new shed again it will be a Reeds Ferry.
Our Reeds Ferry shed is good quality and it adds beauty to our yard. The staff who built the shed was great and did a fabulous job. I recommend Reeds Ferry sheds.
Just had my new Reeds Ferry shed delivered. Worth every penny. You might find a less expensive shed but trust me, it won't be as good as a Reeds Ferry Shed. Plus a 30 year warranty!
From start to finish, Reeds Ferry was a pleasure to work with. The install crew on Truck #10 were very professional. I highly recommend Reeds Ferry Sheds for both quality and service.
No one else matched Reeds Ferry's quality or reputation, and after experiencing their customer service and the caliber of their installation team, it's hard to imagine any other shed being superior.
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