Reeds Ferry Helps the Patriots Holiday Toy Drive

faneuil 3 picReeds Ferry is proud to be associated with the New England Patriots Holiday Toy Drive. Bring a new, unwrapped toy to the drop-off box in Santa’s Reeds Ferry Cabin located at Faneuil Hall. All toy donations now through December 24th will help support children in need this holiday season.

It’s coming down to crunch-time. Santa Claus has been next to the huge holiday tree at Quincy Market for a few weeks now, but he’ll take off, (literally) on Christmas Eve. We were honored again this year to build all of Santa’s cabins. We recently asked him why he chose Reeds Ferry. He explained, “Santa has a good-list and a bad-list and everybody knows if it says Reeds Ferry you got a good one”. Thank you Santa. That about sums it up.

Santa’s appearances are arranged through his talent agency, a company called The Noerr Group. Reeds would like to thank Michael Campbell for all his help. Michael is VP of Corporate Partnerships at Noerr. He takes care of Santa at hundreds of shopping centers across the USA. As you can imagine it’s a huge job. We’re not saying Santa is a prima donna, but the other day we witnessed him admonishing Campbell when his cookies weren’t in a perfect circle on his plate. (No doubt at this time of year Santa is under a lot of “stress”.)

But no fear! With Santa Claus it’s all about the kids. Magically he’ll be at all the Noerr shopping locations simultaneously now through Christmas Eve!  Bring the kids to one of the locations and create a Christmas family photo with old Saint Nick. Here’s the schedule for Santa at Faneuil Hall.

Merry Christmas to you and yours from all of us at Reeds Ferry Sheds!

Reeds Ferry Sheds at Faneuil Hall Boston

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