Reeds Ferry Sheds - Installed Throughout New England

Reeds Ferry building designs exceed the requirements for unoccupied detached structures set forth in IBC 2015; [The International Building Code].
Additionally we work with licensed structural engineering firms to confirm the integrity of both our building designs and construction methods.

Reeds Ferry Sheds: Floor Specs

Reeds Ferry Shed Roof Specifications

Reeds floor is designed to carry a live-load of 40-50 PSF. Buildings wider than 8' have a double 2x6 center beam to ensure minimal deflection.

Standard floors use 3/4" exterior grade plywood with double-layer and pressure-treated plywood optional. See this floor construction video for details.

1)  Pressure-treated 2x6" on-edge floor framing
2)  2x6 floor joists attached 16" on-center
3)  Center double 2x6 beam runs length of floor
4)  Both rim joists capped with a double 2x6
5)  3/4" exterior grade plywood floor sheathing
6)  Sheathing seams staggered for added strength
*    Pressure-treated floor or double layered optional

Reeds Ferry Sheds: Roof Specs

Reeds Ferry Shed Roof Specifications

Reeds roof is engineered to carry more than the highest load required by building code regulation. The chart below shows the load requirement for each zone in New England.
It is measured in pounds per square foot (PSF).

Shed Roof snow loads

Reeds Ferry works with civil engineers to ensure the structural integrity of our buildings. As shown in the technical drawing below Reeds standard roof has a load capacity rated at 110 pounds per square foot, more than the highest code requirement.

Reeds design and construction methods are certified by the State Building Inspectors Office in MA, NH, and ME. (Stamps of certification shown.)

Reeds Ferry Sheds Building Specs