Victorian Cottage

Added styling makes the Victorian Cottage one of our most popular styles. The Victorian features extended roof eave overhangs, larger windows with added trim, a cottage style roof vent and transom window above the gable end door. The Victorian Cottage is available in 6 siding types. Sizes range from 8×10 to 14×24.

Shown: 10x16 Victorian with cedar clapboard, large trimmed windows & burgundy shutters. Bottom trim standard with cedar clapboard siding. Optional cupola, weathervane & ramp.

Victorian Cottage Pricing
Size Duratemp
T & G
8'x'10' $5,709 $6,319 $7,239 $8,619 $9,179
8'x12' $6,549 $7,249 $8,229 $9,229 $10,389
8'x14' $7,189 $7,949 $9,039 $10,279 $11,439
8'x16' $8,289 $8,799 $10,309 $11,769 $12,579
10'x10' $6,579 $7,229 $8,289 $9,439 $10,279
10'x12' $7,479 $8,079 $9,159 $10,889 $11,549
10'x14' $8,239 $8,939 $10,039 $11,769 $12,649
10'x16' $9,459 $10,129 $11,419 $13,219 $14,249
10'x'18' $10,209 $10,949 $12,309 $14,499 $15,349
10'x20' $10,949 $11,939 $13,209 $15,569 $16,469
12'x12' $8,389 $9,059 $10,089 $11,959 $12,679
12'x'14' $9,249 $10,159 $11,199 $13,299 $14,009
12'x16' $10,559 $11,559 $12,699 $14,879 $15,729
12'x18' $11,439 $12,529 $13,759 $16,179 $16,919
12'x20' $12,249 $13,449 $14,789 $16,879 $18,139
12'x22' $13,289 $14,629 $16,089 $18,069 $19,299
12'x24' $14,209 $15,979 $17,579 $20,019 $21,429
14'x14' $10,289 $11,379 $12,549 $14,459 $15,609
14'x16' $11,709 $12,959 $14,159 $16,159 $17,399
14'x18' $12,639 $14,129 $15,229 $17,479 $18,689
14'x20' $13,679 $15,289 $16,509 $18,889 $20,079
14'x22' $14,819 $16,469 $17,599 $20,269 $21,319
14'x24' $15,869 $17,629 $18,739 $21,619 $22,559
  • NOTE: The door-window positions above can be swapped. Customers can also customize the standard floor plans by moving or adding doors and windows to any wall. Ask your Reeds Ferry representative for details.
  • Price includes delivery and installation.
  • Tax not included. Sales tax required on MA, ME, RI, VT, CT deliveries.
  • Where required, customer responsible for obtaining building permit.
  • Prices in effect 07/01/2021. Subject to change without notice.

Available Floor Plans

Doors and windows may be moved at no added cost, or add doors and windows as an option.

Floor Plan 1
[2] 30"x40" trimmed windowson side wall
Transom Windowover double-door
5' [60"] six-paneldouble-door on peak end
Reeds Ferry Sheds®
Superior Standard Features

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt roof shingles rated at 25 years. Available in 8 colors.

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Roof Truss

2x6 roof truss are standard, 16" on center
exceeding all building code requirements.

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Roof Vents

Aluminum louvers with screened vent.

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Full coverage aluminum drip-edge under shingles.

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Hurricane Ties

Steel brackets (hurricane ties) secure all roof trusses
to top-plate of wall.

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Double Top Plate

Interlocking double top-plate for added building strength.

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Vinyl Shutters

Vinyl shutters in choice of 10 colors.

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Fiberglass Doors

6-panel maintenance-free fiberglass doors with heavy-duty hardware, never require painting..

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Screened Windows

Aluminum framed windows with bottom opening sash
and durable insect screen.

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Siding Options

6 siding types available. Shown above are cedar t&g (left), DuraTemp® (right) and vinyl (center). Cedar clapboard, cedar shakes and vinyl shakes are also available on any shed style. (Vinyl and vinyl shakes available in 14 colors.)

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Interior Framing

2x4 framing. Studs 16 inches on center.

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Pressure-Treated Joists

2x6 pressure-treated floor joist, 16 inches on center, with added center support beam on buildings wider than 8'

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Floor Planks

3/4" floor plywood. 7-Ply underlayment.
No Fall-a-Particle Board.

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