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Victorian Cottage A-Frame Dormer Price List
Reeds Ferry Victorian Cottage with A-Frame Dormer

Reeds Ferry Standard Victorian Cottage

Victorian Cottage with A-Frame Dormer: Same styling features as the Victorian Cottage with the addition of the A-Frame dormer on roof. This style features 2 double doors on the gable end and front wall, transom windows above the doors, larger windows with added trim, cottage style roof vents and extended eave overhangs. Available in 5 siding types. Sizes range from 10x14 to 14x24. (Shown: 10x16 Victorian A-Frame in Reeds Red vinyl siding with black shutters. Note: Double-door on right side not seen. Optional ramp, window boxes, bottom frieze board trim and 21" cupola with weathervane.)

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Victorian Cottage Shed Dormer Victorian Cottage with No Dormer

Victorian Cottage with A-Frame Dormer Features:

Extended eave overhang on peak ends
Two 30"x40" large single-hung windows on front wall
1x3 added white trim molding surrounding window frames
Removable windows screens
[2] maintenance free 5' double-doors on peak end and front wall
Heavy-duty door hardware and door locks with keys
5' transom window over both double-doors
Cottage style louver vents for ventilation
Aluminum sill plate on floor of both double door thresholds
Maintenance free vinyl siding in 14 colors
Asphalt roof shingles in 8 colors
Decorative shutters in choice of 10 colors
30-year Reeds Ferry manufacturers warranty

See construction features standard on all Reeds sheds here

Available Options
Size: Duratemp
10x14 7,089 7,679 8,189 9,599 10,169
10x16 7,889 8,559 9,209 10,539 11,319
10x18 8,399 9,039 9,929 11,339 12,289
10x20 9,009 9,809 10,749 12,249 13,159
12x14 7,609 8,349 8,919 10,579 10,949
12x16 8,679 9,169 9,969 11,559 12,189
12x18 9,389 10,089 10,739 12,409 13,089
12x20 10,089 10,659 11,489 13,159 13,959
12x22 10,789 11,239 12,249 13,899 14,859
12x24 11,489 12,379 13,529 15,359 16,389
14x14 8,459 8,989 9,829 11,239 12,119
14x16 9,629 10,309 11,029 12,549 13,439
14x18 10,399 10,999 11,849 13,299 14,359
14x20 11,189 11,789 12,769 14,319 15,429
14x22 11,559 12,559 13,579 15,329 16,359
14x24 12,739 13,269 14,389 16,249 17,289

* With 12' wall front, floor plan #4 has a 54" double-door, not 60".
Price includes delivery and installation.
Sales tax required on MA, ME, RI, VT, CT deliveries.
Where required, customer responsible for obtaining Building Permit.
Prices in effect 12/07/2018. Subject to change without notice.

Reeds Ferry® is a federally registered trademark. All rights reserved.

Floor Plan: Victorian Cottage with A-Frame Dormer

Victorian Cottage Floor Plan

Two 30x40" trimmed windows on front wall Two 30x40" trimmed windows on front wall
5' [60"] six panel double-door on peak end 5' [60"] double-door on peak end
5' [60"] six panel double-door on peak end 5' [60"] double-door on front wall
5' transom window above both double doors 5' transom window above both double doors

NOTE: The door-window positions above can be swapped. Customers can also customize the standard floor plans by moving or adding doors and windows to any wall. Ask your Reeds Ferry representative for details.

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