All Prices Include
Delivery and Installation

Step 1 - Arrive On Schedule

Most Reeds Ferry Sheds® are assembled on-site, and we always arrive on-time. Delivery and Installation is included in the price. Our installation teams are highly experienced and our delivery trucks are specifically designed for shed installations. Simply approve the location of your new shed and watch our installation crew go to work. We are in-and-out with no disruption.

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Step 2 - Prepare the Foundation

A properly prepared base is important. On this installation the homeowner installed a 3/4" crushed stone base. Notice how they used the stone to help compensate for the difference in grade. For site-preparation tips click here. If you need assistance consult with your Reeds Ferry® Customer-Service Representative to discuss the best site preparation option for your building.

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Step 3 - Build the Floor

Our floors are constructed on site. The 2x6 pressure treated floor joists are spaced 16" on center and topped with 3/4" exterior grade plywood. For added strength, buildings wider than 8' have a double 2x6 beam that runs the length of the building. This floor system is the best in the industry. Reeds floor construction is a major point of comparison with sheds sold by home improvement stores.

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Step 4 - Stand the Walls

The walls are set into place. Each wall is constructed on hydraulic jigs at our manufacturing facility to ensure 100% accuracy to square.

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Step 5 - Attach the Bottom-Plate & Join the Corners

When a Reeds Ferry® building leaves our facility the doors, windows, and hardware are already framed, trimmed and installed. The bottom-plate of the wall is secured to the floor and the corner framing is interlocked and nailed to create 4 self-standing walls

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Step 6 - Wall Framing

Every Reeds Ferry® building is constructed with 2x4 spruce framing 16" on center. Our wall construction is another major point of comparison with the sheds found at home improvement stores. To save on cost they use smaller 2x3 studs and frame them farther apart at 24 inches.

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Step 7 - Install the End Trusses

Now that the walls are standing, the end trusses are installed. Aluminum ventilation louvers are standard in all Reeds Ferry® end walls. (The shed in this installation has our optional arched "cottage vents" with white trim.)

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Step 8 - Install the Roof Trusses

Reeds Ferry® uses high quality machine pressed 2x6 roof trusses spaced 16" on center. Our roof is engineered to withstand snow loads of 110 lbs psf, better than the most stringent building code requirement in New England.

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Step 9 - Complete the Roof Construction

1/2" BC-grade roof sheathing is installed and topped with a high quality 25 year shingle in 8 standard colors. We also offer a 30 year architectural shingle in 8 standard colors. (Custom color options are available) Note the aluminum drip edge is installed on the front and rear of the roof. In addition, we run drip edge up the sides of the roof. This feature ensures a long lasting, weather tight roof.

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Step 10 - Finished in 3 Hours

After installing the finish trim and options we do a complete inspection and site clean-up. An average size Reeds Ferry® shed is installed installed in approximately 3 hours. This brand new 12x20 Grand Victorian with vinyl shakes siding is covered by our 30-year warranty and will provide a lifetime of use... Note that delivery and installation is included in all Reeds Ferry® pricing.

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Installation: Time Lapse Video

This time-elapsed video was taken by a customer and shows the typical process with the installation of every Reeds Ferry Shed®. We arrived at the customer's home at 7am and a complete 12x18 Historic Colonial with garage door was finished in just over 3 hours.

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Just had my new Reeds Ferry shed delivered. Worth every penny. You might find a less expensive shed but trust me, it won't be as good as a Reeds Ferry Shed. Plus a 30 year warranty!
From start to finish, Reeds Ferry was a pleasure to work with. The install crew on Truck #10 were very professional. I highly recommend Reeds Ferry Sheds for both quality and service.
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