Do I Need A Permit To Build A Shed In New England?

Building any structure on your property can result in numerous questions. A quality shed can serve as a shelter for your yard tools, a cozy hangout space, or additional storage outside the home. Whatever the reason for your new shed, you’re likely wondering if you need shed permits before starting constructions.

A shed permit is an official document giving you permission to perform construction on your property. The permit can also be useful throughout construction, as it can ensure the work adheres to local building and safety codes. Applying for the permit involves having your shed plans ready, including details from the foundation type to construction materials used for your project.

A shed permit is necessary in many towns and cities. The purpose is to confirm your structure is built safely, has a proper foundation, and is constructed in a safe or environmentally friendly location. Our Reeds Ferry Sheds® specialists can help you understand the local permit requirements in your city or region.

Shed Permit Requirements Across New England

Permitting regulations differ by town, city, county and state. It’s essential to check with your local building and zoning authorities before creating your shed design and submitting a plan. Remember that building codes are updated regularly. We recommend reviewing local building codes, even if you think you’re already familiar with the requirements.

Local authorities may deny a permit when the applicant’s plan doesn’t adhere to local safety or building codes. Revising the application takes time and energy that could be put toward your shed-building project. Find the local permit requirements for each state in New England below.


Shed permits in Massachusetts vary from town to town, but the State code requires a permit for any building over 200 square feet. However, some towns require a permit for any building, regardless of size. It is important to check with your municipality to see if you need a shed permit in Massachusetts based on the town or city you live in. 

New Hampshire

The requirements for shed permits in New Hampshire vary greatly based on the city in which you plan to build. One town may require a building permit and inspection, while another requires a direct meeting between the property owner and the administrators of the town’s building department. Contact your local building department to see if a shed permit is needed in your town.

Rhode Island

Local authorities control all aspects of shed permits in Rhode Island. Individual communities are obligated to control their planning and development due to the Rhode Island Comprehensive Planning and Land Use Act. Regulations are in place to make sure your shed is safe, attractive and in line with the state’s construction standards. The shed must follow local building codes to prevent structural failures. Contact your local building department to see if a shed permit is needed in your town. 


As a state, laws regarding shed permits in Maine are quite lax. The state doesn’t require permits for stand-alone storage units such as sheds. Although, numerous municipalities throughout the state implement their own permitting regulations for sheds. Check with your town’s building department to see if a shed permit is needed for your town in Maine.


Homeowners and builders must receive zoning approval and shed permits in Connecticut before starting construction on sheds over a certain size. Even small sheds may be subject to acquiring permits in some municipalities. Once again, it would be a good idea to check with your local building department.


Shed permits in Vermont are necessary regardless of the shed style, size, permanency or base. The state also enforces regulations on the number of sheds permitted per property, shed height and the size/location of the structure relevant to the home. Familiarize yourself with local regulations before submitting your plan for a faster, smoother permitting process.

Do I Need a Shed Permit?

The answer to the question, “Do I need a shed permit?” does not have an easy answer across New England. Instead, it varies from town to town within each state. Fortunately, the experts at Reeds Ferry Sheds® have decades of experience assisting homeowners with shed site preparation, including permit requirements. All Reeds Ferry Sheds are built well beyond all necessary codes required throughout New England. From wind loads needed for the Cape, to snow loads needed for Northern New Hampshire, Reeds Ferry has you covered for shed permits. We’ll even provide detailed drawings and specialized assistance as needed.

Contact us to learn more about how Reeds Ferry Sheds® can assist with building permits and shed installations across New England.

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