NEWS FLASH: 2011 Shed of the Year Unveiled

Reeds Ferry 2011 Shed of the Year

Vox populi!  The people have spoken!  Judy Ashley of Ipswich MA is the proud owner the 2011 Reeds Ferry Shed of the Year. Judy takes home the $500 grand-prize. (Note: There is no trophy. We consider “the shed” itself to be the trophy, but we are still debating the separate trophy idea after our 2010 winner was injured attempting to put their shed up on the mantel.)

Judy had her attractive Victorian Cottage installed back in May. Please know that Judy isn’t like one of those mothers on Toddlers and Tiaras, but she sensed her shed was special, and possessed a spunk and charm that would shine through to the voting public and the pageant committee, so she immediately uploaded a photo of her newborn for prize consideration.  Her hunch paid off with 39% of the vote. (160 votes total)

When we told Judy she had won the $500 she said, “Aw shucks; the honor of winning the award is enough. I don’t need the $500”. We were truly impressed, but we reminded her that even the winner of the Nobel Prize accepts a cash award of over a million dollars and there was no harm in taking the money. Begrudgingly she agreed to accept the $500, and then asked if we knew how she could enter her shed for the Nobel Prize. 😉

Thanks Judy for choosing Reeds Ferry, supporting our contest, and having some fun with us. The same goes for all the finalist; everybody was a good sport. All the runner-ups will receive consolation prizes, which include great seats for a Bruins game, $100 restaurant certificates, and ski passes to Sunday River. There were no losers.

Reeds Ferry 2011 Shed of the Year Second Place

2nd Place – 109 Votes
Patrick Timmins,Tyngsboro MA

Patrick did a lot of customization on his shed. A great job. We especially like the light fixtures that frame the door. Mr Timmins has a definite eye for detail.

Reeds Ferry 2011 Shed of the Year Third Place

3rd Place – 63 Votes
The Sullivans, Wilmington MA

A well kept shed in a beautifully landscaped backyard. No joke, the Sullivan’s yard looks like “Amen Corner” at Augusta National. Reeds Ferry is very proud they chose our shed to be part of it.

Reeds Ferry 2011 Shed of the Year Fourth Place

4th Place – 46 Votes
Monika Andersson, Reading MA

According to her profile pic Monika just got married. Congratulations! No doubt every newlywed could use $500, but we’ll hook them up with a consolation prize that will help with the entertainment budget.

Reeds Ferry 2011 Shed of the Year Fifth Place

5th Place – 34 Votes
Robert Sparkes, Billerica MA

If you looked up “shed” in the dictionary this would be the picture. Bob chose a classic style with an unpretentious carriage. We appreciate the “classics”.

Reeds Ferry thanks all the contestants and voters in this year’s contest. Over 400 votes were cast! We were hoping for 23!  Frankly, we know a lot more about building a quality shed than we do about “social media”, but we really enjoyed this opportunity to be “social” with some of our customers; you folks are the best.

If you stumbled into this article and would like to enter your Reeds Ferry Shed in the 2012 “Shed of the Year” contest, click this link and upload your photo on our wall.  Thanks again, and we’ll see you in 2012!

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