Shed Maintenance

Maintaining Your Reeds Ferry Shed®

Vinyl and Vinyl Shake Siding

Reeds Ferry Sheds® recommends cleaning your siding every year or two, depending on tree cover and shade,
with a non-toxic cleaner, like Simple Green®, and then using just a hose to wash it off. If there is built up dirt
or tree sap, then a coarse cloth and pressure washer would be advised, being careful not to use the pressure
washer on any glass in windows, doors and/or cupolas.

Red Cedar Siding

Red cedar siding will not “gray up naturally”. It will turn black over time if not treated. As such, Reeds Ferry
Sheds® recommends painting or staining your shed. Red cedar siding is non-primed bare wood that is ready
to be painted or stained as long as it has not rained in the week preceding treatment.

If staining, Reeds Ferry Sheds® recommends applying two coats of a penetrating oil-based stain with a brush,
as using a sprayer can cause blotching. Staining typically lasts longer than painting, as it soaks into the wood,
so stain should be re-applied every 8-10 years.

If painting, Reeds Ferry Sheds® recommends using a stain blocking primer and then applying a top coat
with 100% acrylic latex paint. Please don’t forget to paint the bottom of the first row of siding! Paint and
primer should be re-applied every 3-5 years.

Note: Cedar Shake, Cedar Clapboard and Cedar Tongue and Groove Siding must be treated in order to
maintain its 30 year warranty.

DuraTemp® Siding

Our DuraTemp® Siding is pre-primed so it cannot be stained. However, a top coat with 100% acrylic latex paint
should be applied with a brush or roller. Please don’t forget to paint the bottom edge of the siding. Paint should
be re-applied every 3-5 years. Note: DuraTemp® Siding must be treated in order to maintain its 30 year warranty.


While not a requirement, Reeds Ferry Sheds® recommends painting or otherwise sealing the floor for both regular and pressure treated plywood. This provides a barrier for moisture drip (from snow blowers as an example) and also oil spills. Treating the floor makes these things easier to clean up. If putting a snow blower in your shed, we also recommend adding something with texture to the paint or sealant when applying, like traction sand, to keep the floor from becoming a slip hazard in wet conditions.


Reeds Ferry® recommends painting your doors, including all sides and edges, every 3-5 years. Please contact our Service Department for product recommendations.

Further Assistance

If you have any questions about maintaining your Reeds Ferry Shed® which were not addressed here, please contact our office at 888-85-SHEDS and we will provide the answer to any question you have. Thank you.

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