Reeds Ferry Sheds -1970’s Vintage

Harry Carleton opened Reeds Ferry Sheds for business 58 years ago.  Now 75, Mr. Carleton still man’s the top chair as President of the company. Not only has Harry stood the test of time, so has his earlier work, like this shed that he and his crew built back when he was a 35 year-old “rookie” in 1976.

1976 shed 2

When customers fill out their warranty we invite them to throw in a few comments about our service. The kind comments circled above came from a “repeat customer” in Hudson NH. They recently upgraded their 40 year-old Reeds Ferry shed that they purchased during the Ford administration. Actually there are many 40 year old Reeds Ferry sheds still in service, and occasionally we bump into ones from our “woodstock” era in the 1960’s. (Note: The reason everyone refers to the 60’s as the “woodstock era” is because back then all our sheds were made of wood. Amazing how it has caught on 😉 )

If you think we wrote this little blog solely for the purposes of marketing, you’re right. The point is, a well-cared for high quality Reeds Ferry® shed will provide decades of service. We back every shed with a rock-solid warranty and Mr Carleton’s 58 years of experience; and he ain’t no rookie.


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It’s taken 64 years and thousands of sheds to build 1 reputation.

Today consumers in New England recognize the name Reeds Ferry® as their guarantee of superior service and quality. If you want more than a typical storage shed, a building that will add to the value and appearance of your property, then look for the name tag. If it says Reeds Ferry®, you got a good one.

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Awesome quality sheds and great customer service! I recently bought a Reeds Ferry shed and have been extremely happy with it. If I ever need a new shed again it will be a Reeds Ferry.
Our Reeds Ferry shed is good quality and it adds beauty to our yard. The staff who built the shed was great and did a fabulous job. I recommend Reeds Ferry sheds.
Just had my new Reeds Ferry shed delivered. Worth every penny. You might find a less expensive shed but trust me, it won't be as good as a Reeds Ferry Shed. Plus a 30 year warranty!
From start to finish, Reeds Ferry was a pleasure to work with. The install crew on Truck #10 were very professional. I highly recommend Reeds Ferry Sheds for both quality and service.
No one else matched Reeds Ferry's quality or reputation, and after experiencing their customer service and the caliber of their installation team, it's hard to imagine any other shed being superior.
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